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January 1st

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January 15th

Costume Fees are due

January 25th - January 30th

Parent Virtual Observation Week

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A big part of dance training includes learning through performance. Performance opportunities can contribute to children’s success in non-dance activities. The experience helps build self-esteem and confidence, which can result in better in-school presentations, improved social skills, and strong college and job interview skills.


The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps the children develop retention skills, and by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result.

All students are given the opportunity to participate in our annual recital to be held the second weekend of June.  The recital offers our students a beautiful performance opportunity and the chance to celebrate their hard work and progress with their family and friends! Recitals are short, and 100% focused on making  1st experiences on stage magical and stress free for dancers AND their parents!

Pre-Ballet classes perform one time in the annual recital. All combination classes present two routines and all other students perform one time in each of the styles of dance they are registered for.


We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. They are always age appropriate and of the highest quality possible. Pre-Ballet classes will have one costume and perform 1 dance. Combination classes will have one “Two in One” costume and perform 2 dances.


All other students will need one costume for each dance form they train in. Costumes include all accessories (hats, gloves, etc.), but do not include tights or shoes.


In an effort to ensure that costumes are delivered in time for school photographs and an organized distribution to our students, costume orders are placed the first week of February. Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations or offer refunds; therefore the school does not refund costume deposits. Costumes are always age appropriate and of the highest quality possible.

Important Dates


  • 8th: Re-open for in-person and virtual classes


  • 5th-10th: Pink Week

  • 26th-30th: Halloween Costume Week


  • 25th-28th: Closed for Thanksgiving Break


  • 14th-19th: Pajama Week

  • 20th-3rd: Closed for Winter Break


  • 4th: Re-open for in-person and virtual classes

  • 8th: Recital Town Hall Meeting

  • 15th: Costume Fees Due


  • 8th-14th: Wear Red Week


  • 22nd: Recital Handbooks Distributed

  • 29th-31st: Closed for Spring Break


  • 1st-4th: Closed for Spring Break

  • 15th: Recital Fees due


  • 29th-31st: Closed for Memorial Day


  • 12th: Tentative Recital Date

  • 19th: Last Day of Classes


  • 4th: Closed for Independence Day

  • 12th: Summer Classes and Camps start


  • 21st: Last Day of summer Classes

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