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Class Schedule

Registration for the 23/24 Dance Season has closed

Our Summer Classes and Camps will be released in March

The 24/25 Dance Season schedule will be released in April

Preschool Dance
Ages 3 to 5

Preschool level schedule

At MDC, we understand the importance of introducing young children to the joys of dance and movement. Our classes are designed to be a fun and educational environment, where children can learn technique, express themselves and explore the world around them.

Our preschool program is a unique combination of classical ballet, tap, or jazz/hip hop with an emphasis on creative movement, story telling and imagination. With classes tailored to the age and interests of our students, we believe that this is the perfect way to introduce children to the art of dance.

MDC is a proudly a Ready Set Dance affiliated studio. This gender-neutral curriculum is the coolest dance class for the preschooler of today!

Elementary Program
Ages 5 to 7

At Melina's Dance Company, we believe that learning to dance should be an enjoyable experience. Our classes provide an opportunity for children to come together and learn the fundamentals of dance in a fun and friendly environment. 

With a focus on fun and friendship, MDC’s Elementary Program is the perfect opportunity for the early elementary school-age dancer to grow in confidence as they learn technique basics

Our experienced instructors focus on building strong foundations in technique and form, while ensuring that the classes are filled with laughter and smiles. With a focus on fun and friendship, these classes are the perfect opportunity for dancers to grow in confidence as they learn technique basics.

Elementary level schedule

Building Program
Ages 8 to 11

Building level schedule

At Melina's Dance Company, we strive to create a safe and fun environment for our students to express themselves and learn how to dance. Our program is a two year program where dancers will "Build” foundations in proper dance technique in addition to the fun of music and movement! Our Building classes are perfect for trying new styles and preparing skills needed in dance and life!


We provide the perfect place for dancers to begin new dance concepts and explore the fundamentals of dance. Our classes will focus on musicality and technique, while developing balance, flexibility, and strength, through different genres of music.

Junior Program
Ages 11 to 13

At Melina’s Dance Company, we believe in the power of dance to help young people express themselves and gain confidence. Our Junior level classes offer the perfect opportunity for dancers aged 11 to 13 to develop their skills in a fun and creative environment.


In our Junior level classes, students will build on the foundations developed in earlier levels to build strength, control and flexibility - all while gaining confidence with artistic expression and new styles. Additionally, students in Junior levels are eligible and encouraged to try new styles and begin developing their own dance artistry.


We believe in the importance of fostering a fun and supportive learning environment, and our instructors work hard to ensure that every student feels welcome and valued. 

Junior level schedule

Senior Program
Ages 14 and up

Senior level schedule

Our Senior level class is the perfect place for experienced dancers to push their boundaries and explore their potential. We strive to create a safe and encouraging atmosphere while also challenging our dancers to grow and expand their abilities.

Dancers will explore new ways of moving in combinations, floor work, partnering, and various methods of improvisation.

Our teachers emphasize on technique and artistry, encouraging our Senior level dancers to continue to grow in strength, control and flexibility as well as artistry and expression.

Join us in class!

Pink Dash
Aubree 2023
Green Dash
Marcus 2022
Gold Dash
In the studio 2021
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