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24/25 Dance Season Schedule

Preschool Program
Ages 2 to 4

MDC is a proud premier partner with Ready Set Dance. Our preschool dance program is designed to nurture the love of dance in our youngest movers and shakers. With a variety of classes tailored to different interests and developmental stages, we offer a fun, engaging, gender-neutral environment where children can explore movement and rhythm. 

Move with Me: This class is perfect for children and their favorite grown-ups to dance together. It's a wonderful bonding experience that introduces basic dance concepts through playful activities.

Ready Set Ballet: Little dancers will learn the fundamentals of ballet, including basic positions and movements, in a fun and supportive setting.

Ready Set Tap: This class introduces young dancers to the exciting world of tap dance, focusing on rhythm, coordination, and musicality.

Ready Set Dance: A dynamic class that combines Jazz, Tap, and hip Hop dance styles to keep children engaged and excited about learning new moves.

Ready Set Acro: For our energetic little ones, this class incorporates basic acrobatics, promoting strength, flexibility, and balance through fun and safe exercises.

Join us and watch your child's confidence soar!

Elementary Program
Ages 5 to 9

In our Elementary Level Program, students will embark on an exciting journey to build solid foundations in movement, dance vocabulary, technique, and choreography. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to foster a deep love for dance while developing essential skills in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Ballet: Students will learn classical ballet techniques, focusing on proper alignment, strength, and grace. This class lays the groundwork for all dance forms and helps build discipline and poise.

Jazz: This high-energy class introduces students to the dynamic world of jazz dance. With an emphasis on style, technique, and performance skills, students will enjoy learning various jazz routines.

Tap: Tap classes focus on rhythm, timing, and coordination. Students will explore different tap techniques and develop their musicality while having fun making rhythms with their feet.

Musical Theatre: Combining singing, acting, and dancing, this class allows students to express their creativity and perform like Broadway stars. It's a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and stage presence.

Hip Hop: In this upbeat class, students will learn the latest hip hop moves and choreography. Emphasis is placed on rhythm, freestyle, and the energetic style unique to hip hop dance.

In our elementary program, students are encouraged to explore multiple dance styles, helping them become versatile dancers.

Join us and watch your child's passion for dance grow, as they develop new skills & friendships in a joyful and encouraging environment!

Junior Level Program
Ages 10-13

Whether you're just starting your dance journey or have been dancing since you were a toddler, our program is the perfect place to explore the art of dance and let your passion flourish. 

In our Junior Level Program, dancers build on the foundations developed in earlier levels to enhance their strength, control, and flexibility. Our classes are designed to help students gain confidence in their artistic expression while introducing them to new dance styles and techniques.

In addition to Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, & Hip Hop we encourage dancers to explore additional dance styles and classes including:

Pre-Pointe & Pointe: These classes prepare dancers for the challenges of pointe work, focusing on strength, alignment, and technique. Students will progress safely to dancing on pointe with confidence.

Leaps & Turns: This class emphasizes the technical skills of leaping and turning, helping dancers improve their agility, precision, and overall performance quality.

Modern: Modern dance classes introduce students to contemporary movement techniques, encouraging creativity and expression through innovative choreography.

Lyrical: Combining elements of ballet and jazz, lyrical dance focuses on storytelling through movement, allowing dancers to express emotions and connect with the music.

Contemporary: This style blends various dance forms, promoting versatility and artistic freedom. Dancers will explore fluid movements, floor work, and improvisation.

Join our Junior Level Dance Program to continue your dance education, grow your skills, and discover new styles that ignite your passion for dance. With our expert instructors and supportive community, you'll thrive as a confident and expressive dancer!

Senior Level Program
Ages 14+

Our Senior Level Program is designed for dancers ready to embrace and refine their personal artistry. Here, students continue to grow in strength, control, flexibility, and expression, while honing their unique movement quality.

Dancers receive rigorous training that challenges them to push their limits and achieve their full potential. Our classes focus on advanced techniques and performance skills, allowing students to develop their personal style and artistic voice.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Strength & Control: Advanced exercises and techniques help dancers build the muscular strength and control needed for complex movements and prolonged performance.

  • Flexibility: Targeted stretching and conditioning routines enhance flexibility, enabling dancers to execute a wider range of movements with grace and ease.

  • Artistry & Expression: Emphasis is placed on the emotional and expressive aspects of dance. Students learn to convey powerful stories and emotions through their movements, connecting deeply with their audience.

  • Personal Movement Quality: Each dancer is encouraged to explore and refine their unique movement quality, developing a personal style that sets them apart as an artist.

Join our Senior Level Dance Program to continue your dance education in a supportive and inspiring environment. With our expert instructors and comprehensive curriculum, you'll be equipped to excel in your dance journey and beyond, becoming a confident and expressive artist!

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