Tuition & Policies

2021-2022 Monthly Tuition Pricing

Monthly Tuition

30 min/week = $69.00/month

45 min/week = $77.00/month

60 min/week = $95.00/month

75 min/week = $116.00/month

90 min/week = $137.00/month

2 hrs/week = 180.00/month

3 hrs/week = $258.00/month

4 hrs/week = $329.00/month

5 hrs/week = $390.00/month

6+ hrs/week = $445.00/month

Registration Fee

  • An annual registration fee of $30 per family covers the cost of mailings, insurance, handbooks, rehearsals, and so on.

  • Registration fees are not refundable with the exception of preschool students who are determined to be unready for dance and may receive a credit for the following season.

Additional Fees

  • A costume fee of $80 per student, per class, and a recital fee of $75 per family are automatically billed on the January 15th (costume) and April 15th (recital) for all students participating in the annual spring recital.

  • If you do NOT plan to have your child participate, you must notify the office IN WRITING, before the first of January.

Tuition & Expense Policy

  • Melina's tuition schedule is based on a full dance year (July - June) with a minimum of 41 meetings per class throughout the dance season. Shorter months are balanced out by longer months to fulfill the tuition scheduled.

  • Full monthly tuition is due by 5th of each month. Final tuition payment is due June 1st.

  • Tuition is paid through automatic withdrawal from your credit or debit card account. Tuition will be charged directly to your specified VISA or MasterCard. If you prefer a weekly or an annual payment plan, please check with the school office.

  • We will accept cash, checks, or money orders for tuition payment if received BEFORE the 1st of the month. Please write your child’s name in the memo portion of the check.

  • Monthly is due regardless of how many classes your child attends in a month. We do not prorate for missed classes and we do not offer classes on a "drop in, drop out" basis.

  • We offer a 5 percent discount on annual tuition that is paid in full by September 30.

  • Sibling and military discounts are available.